Astra White

 Astra White is an Artist and a 21st Century Ambassador of Peace and Magic living and working in Salem Oregon. She has been reading Tarot Cards, working as a Medium and Healer and talking to Plant Spirits for more than thirty years. She hails from Taos, New Mexico where she supported many seekers with her shamanic healing practice.She has created a system of Flower Essences that match Tarot Cards so her client’s concerns  can be explored and then healing addressed through a personal flower remedy  created from the cards. 

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Basic Three Card Tarot Reading    $29

Tarot Healing Session with Flower Essence    $54

Extended Healing Session with Flower Essence and Trance Work   $108

Flower Essence Blends ( without reading) $18 one ounce  $27 two ounce

What is a Flower Essence/Flower Remedy?  (They are not essential oils!)
Flower Essences are vibrational medicines that target the nervous system for emotional healing. Other examples of vibrational medicines are homeopathy and sound healing. The idea is that the vibrational qualities of the flower move and clear emotional blockages. Flower Remedies are created by picking the most beautiful flower in sparkling sunshine, putting the flower in a crystal bowl with fresh spring water and listening to the plant tell it’s healing properties. The water with vibration is then decanted and bottled for individual use. Like sound healing, one can often feel an immediate emotional shift. Flower Essences allow you instantly feel better!