The Divine Oracle

Psychic Medium readings with Joanna


­čö« Walk-ins Welcome┬á­čö«

Hi! My name is Joanna! I was born an empath and not much later I developed a medium gift. I am able to see things from the perspective of others, and I will help you to understand how others are feeling and where their head is at. I am also a medium, able to communicate with people who have passed as well as other spirit guides and angel guides. I have a direct channel to our source, and I will bring you messages to guide you toward truth and a clear path. No one likes to feel left in the dark, our source is a bright light, guiding us to better places. I enjoy giving readings to help people understand their lives and situations going on within their lives. If you need guidance for something going on in your life please schedule a reading today!
During readings my number one goal is to help you. I will start by taking a look at your aura, and analyzing your energy for you. Then I will reach out to spirit guides and angels for messages about your situation. I receive messages in words, feelings, and visions. Then I can give you the messages during our reading. I have empathic ability which makes me a compassionate and intuitive reader. I read from my heart and my gut. I also have a medium gift which allows me to channel spirit guides, ancestors, or loved ones who have passed on. I will help you to see your future more clearly and with more hope!
Blessed be!